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LKD Funding, LLC is a family owned West Texas accounts receivable funding (factoring) company. We work with new and small businesses with average monthly billings of less than $25,000 who can't wait to be paid. If you are an honest small business owner who does business with creditworthy customers who pay between 15 to 60 days, LKD Funding can provide you with cash for those invoices in as little as 48 hrs.

Accounts Receivable Factoring

LKD Funding works with your company to turn your receivables into cash, without creating debt. This money can be used for payroll, payroll taxes, purchasing materials, taking advantage of cash discounts and growing your business. We purchase your accounts receivable at a discount, advancing up to 80% of the invoice amount then paying the remaining amount, less the discount when we are paid. LKD Funding specializes in working with small companies that may not be able to obtain traditional financing from a bank. Click here to apply online or Download a PDF Application
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Accounts Receivable Management

This service allows you to turn the managing of your accounts receivable over to LKD Funding and lets you get out of the office and grow you business.

  • Credit Analysis of your customers
  • Typing and Mailing Invoices
  • Provide timely aging reports
  • Follow up on slow paying accounts
  • Invoice funding
  • Depositing receipts
  • Weekly deposit reports
  • Assistance in Collecting past due accounts
  • Consulting

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Asset Based Lending (Secured Loan)

If your company can qualify, asset based lending is a loan that is secured by your accounts receivable and inventory.  The cost of asset based lending is significantly lower than factoring.  In most cases this type of lending is done on a revolving basis with credit limits being determined by the quantity and quality of your accounts receivable and inventory.
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Equipment Lease Financing

Your honesty and creditworthiness is the most important consideration in LKD Funding’s decision. If you are aware of any credit problem you’ve had during your period in business, please bring it to our attention so we may work with you to package your financing and have it presented in the best possible manner. Chances of a subsequent approval are reduced if a problem is discovered after you’ve submitted your application package.

To qualify for financing under the LKD Quick Finance Program, your business must meet the following guidelines. If it does not, please call us to discuss your financing. Remember, we’re here to work to get your business financing needs met.

LKD Funding will conduct a preliminary “lease acceptability review” before formally submitting a transaction to our Credit Committee to head off potential problems. Very often issues that could result in a turndown can be addressed to facilitate an approval before the application is submitted.


  • Minimum Time in Business
    • You must have a minimum verifiable time in business of two years. If you are just starting your business or have less than two years you need at lease four years experience in a related field.

  • Trade References
    • You must provide three business trade references, each of whose relationship goes back at least six months.

  • Good Personal Credit
    • Personal credit reports must be forthcoming that contain no derogatory information.

  • Financial Statements
    • Financial statements must be supplied if available. If financial statements are not available or if requested by LKD, you must furnish a Personal Financial Statement.

Download our guildelines as a PDF file

Click Here to apply online for Equipment Lease Financing or Download Application

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Please give us a call or send us an email to find out how simple it is to turn your receivables into cash.


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At LKD Funding, we can help you when you need cash the most.  In fact, we can put cash in your hands in as little as 48 hours.

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